Friday, December 18, 2009

Richard Drake and Chuck comments and video on CAT board

Wed at 4:15pm
I've been sitting on this for a few days,'s gone up everywhere online but here because this seemed like the most important place to do it. A few things have held me back on going public with this, most of which are obvious. But it's gotta be done.
The CAT Board are trying very hard right now to keep things in-house so that they can control the situation, but that's not going to's pretty much abusive parent pathology to tell the abused children, "don't tell anyone about this, or else!" They're acting in bad faith and they know it.

These links are to the latest episode of my show, INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, which a fellow producer and I posted on the net in two installments. The footage is from two recent CAT Board meetings, mostly last Thursday (12/10). Enjoy the carnage, kids! See the CAT Board try to operate without a quorum! See producers voice their concerns, only to be patronized and spat on! See CAT Manager Sky Blaylock, who tried to defend staffers from a witch hunt and tried to advise the board that they were operating illegally, visibly shaken after a 6-hour kangaroo court "Evaluation" behind closed doors! See board member Bernard Sulliban try to get through the closing session without hurling! See Dedra Leaf and Marietta Camielleri pat themselves on the back for this debacle. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

I became aware of the situation at CAT around the time then-board president Colleen Pancake-Carlson started calling around the station, trying to make sure the staffers she was "gunning for" weren't in the building. She then showed up at the PEG Center acting very cagey and had a "secret meeting" with Government Channel manager Fritz Gisler about these employees. I say "secret" with quotes, because it was done in such a way that both staff and public (myself) could hear it. Now, it's a no-brainer that this kind of activity creates a hostile work also fosters pretty bad public relations...but that's just the beginning of the problems, here.
Obviously, I don't relish putting CAT in hot water---I have a long history of supporting the organization. I have a higher obligation, though, and that's protecting my family from these jackals.
IN THEORY, the CAT Board cannot legally do to Heather, or Mark, or Jori, what they did to Sky in this video. However, IN THEORY, what they did in the video was illegal---in fact, they seem to be doing a lot of things they should not, IN THEORY, be doing. Acting without a quorum is certainly one of those things. GOING INTO EXECUTIVE SESSION, without a quorum, and COMMITTEES going into to Executive Session are also cause for's raising a lot of questions, like exactly how long has the CAT Board been operating without a quorum?
So. might the CAT Board do any other things they aren't,IN THEORY, supposed to do? Well, better safe than sorry, I it is....everyone get a good look.
It is my goal to make sure that what happens in this video NEVER HAPPENS TO ANYONE, EVER AGAIN.

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Richard S. Drake I think it may be time for me to me to write an article about this situation. I have been avoiding doing this . . .
Wed at 4:22pm · Report

Robin Lehman I watched the clips and need to know who is doing what to whom and why. I fully support the CAT staff. Any illegal activity must be dealt with.
Wed at 4:26pm · Report

Dylan Ferrell Can you and Richard come to CAT thursday at 2. I am spending my entire live show on the subject.
Wed at 5:01pm · Report

Sheree Corbett Burnett The board isn't legal. They are required to have 7 members. They currently have 5, and have only had 6 since September.
Wed at 5:21pm · Report

Leonard Collins Whether or not the board or its actions are illegal are IRRELEVANT until and unless someone hires a lawyer or files suit. Simply pointing out something is illegal is not the same as enforcing the law.
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Luke Schmude jeez wha the hell?
Yesterday at 2:30am · Report

Ian Wilson Politics of dancing around issues, business as this universe.....well , this solar system....
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Leonard Collins text of the email I sent to the board. I hope I'm helping, if not just tell me to shut up :)

"Greetings to the Board,

I have been a CAT producer for several years and once worked there, so it is with growing concern that I witness the debacle that is currently unfolding.... See More
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Richard S. Drake This is what happens when a board puts its friends and neighbors on a board, instead of aggresively seeking people with non-profit board experience. It's acceptable if a certain portion of your board has little to no experience - this is how they lerarn - but the MAJORITY must have some idea of how to proceed in the real world.
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Richard S. Drake The C.A.T. Board seems to be making the rules up as it goes along - also, since it did not have a quorum, the "evaluation" of Sky last week was also improper. Boards ALSO don't go into Executive Session at COMMITTEE meetings - unless they are on the Bizarro World.
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